Climate Action Africa

Canadian Technical Experts

Canadian Technical Experts

Q. How do I register on the Technical Expert Database?

A. The application for inclusion in the Technical Expert Database is located here. Please send the completed form to To be eligible, the individual or entity requesting registration must demonstrate experience in one or more of the Project Pillars, have the technical and financial capacity to deliver Technical Assistance and have a physical presence in Canada.

Q. What expertise is required for Climate Action in Africa?

A. Climate Action in Africa provides Technical Assistance in four areas: climate change governance; climate change mitigation; climate change adaptation; and gender and women’s climate leadership. For mitigation, the focus is on renewable energy and forests, and for adaptation, the Project supports the agriculture and water sectors. Technical Assistance will be delivered primarily in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese depending on the origin of the request.

Q. How will experts be selected?

A. When a request receives approval, a request for bids will be circulated to all relevant members of the Technical Expert Database. Bids will be evaluated by the Project team based on a technical and financial assessment.

Q. What is the maximum value of a deployment?

A. Climate Action in Africa provides short-term targeted support based on local needs. The maximum value of a deployment is set at CAD 300,000, although it is expected that most requests will be smaller. In exceptional cases where there is potential for significant impact, the value of deployment could exceed CAD 300,000.

Q. Will experts travel to the region?

A. It is expected each deployment will include some activities delivered face-to-face with travel required to the region. The Project will follow all Canadian guidelines on travel, including consultation of travel advisories.