Requests for Proposal


Each initiative includes in-country deployment with some activities delivered face-to-face and travel required to the region.

All deployments will follow Canadian Guidelines, including consultation of travel advisories, National Joint Council Directives and Government of Canada Procurement Guidelines.

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To be eligible, the individual or entity must comply with the following:

  • Technical Assistance will be delivered primarily in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese depending on the origin of the request.
  • Climate Action Africa provides Technical Assistance in four areas:

Required expertise

  • The expertise required for Climate Action Africa deployments is tailored to the specific needs identified by Requesting Organizations within the Sub-Saharan Region, as well as the distinct project pillars.
  • Each Request for Proposal (RFP) includes detailed Terms of Reference (ToR) for each initiative, ensuring a precise match of skills and competencies to the project’s objectives.
  • To determine if your expertise aligns with the project’s general requirements, please review the Technical Expert application forms. (See database application below).


Requirements for requesting individuals or entities

  • Demonstrate experience in one or more of the Project Pillars as stated above;
  • Have the technical and financial capacity to deliver CAA Technical Assistance; 
  • Have a physical presence in Canada.
  • Be registered legally as a business or not-for-profit in Canada;
  • Be prepared to abide by the rules and procedures set by Global Affairs Canada and the CAA Procurement process;
  • International Experts and Organizations are welcome to submit proposals. However, preference is given to Canadian Experts and those with a presence in Canada.
  • Registered on the CAA Technical Expert Database. (See below).


Database Registration

Selection Process

  • When a request for support is approved by the Global Affairs Canada selection committee, a request for bids will be circulated to all relevant members of the Technical Expert Database.
  • Bids will be evaluated by the CAA Project team based on a technical and financial assessment.
  • Experts will be selected according to the completion of the application forms.
  • Applicants will undergo a screening process to determine if their expertise aligns with the project.