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Etude pour la création d’une agence nationale du climat pour la Côte d’Ivoire RFP FAQ

Please find inquiries below :

Q: Are per diems and travel expenses for workshop participants expected to be included in our financial proposal? If so, this budget can be very important, and will greatly impact our methodology and approach.

A: As mentioned in the TOR, we anticipate consultations to occur during Activity 1111.2 for assessment and stakeholder consultations; and the second during Activity 1111.4 for validation. Costs of these, such as venue and light refreshments, should be included in the budget. All participants will be local and as such we do not anticipate having to provide per diems. Where needed, consultations can be held virtually. These will be discussed in detail at the inception stage with the RO – MINEDD. 

Q:  Do you happen to have these documents in English? Our partners in Africa speak French, but I will need to review these myself.

A:  Unfortunately, given that the request is for a French-speaking country, we only release the RFP in the official language of the requesting organization and in one of Canada’s official languages. Tenderers are welcome to submit their proposals in one of two of Canada’s official languages – English or French.

Q:   Do we need to include bank fees in our budget?

A:  Yes, bank fees should be included in the budget.

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