CAA Partner Consortium

Alinea is an international development consultancy providing technical and management expertise that helps people improve their lives. Over 35 years, Alinea has delivered lasting change through more than 515 projects worldwide. “Alinea” refers to introducing new ideas, which is how we approach the world’s changing challenges. As partners, we are personally invested and fully committed to the people and places where we work to be catalysts of opportunity.

Econoler is a world-renowned international consulting firm specialized in energy efficiency and sustainable energy policies, programs and financing. Econoler’s core mission is to share its knowledge and competencies with public and private sector clients throughout the world, and to be a change agent in the promotion of energy efficiency, sustainable energy and green and climate finance to support countries in achieving their Sustainable Development Goals and transitioning to a low carbon economy.

WSP is a multidisciplinary consulting firm with nearly 50,000 staff across more than 40 countries. Our environmental, social and governance practice is rooted in WSP’s unique combination of deep technical expertise with a strategic advisory consulting skillset. Our strategic advisory services are rooted in the best technical understanding, sector-specific insights, and the ability to provide tailored solution to client’s specific needs.