Kwamoka Group


THE KWAMOKA GROUP – innovating for a brighter future

Kwamoka Group  is a diversified privately owned and operated business. The group  is built on values and driven by creativity and innovation. Kwamoka’s mission is to offer creative solutions that always align the needs of our cherished customers and general stakeholders with the tenets of a sustainable global environment.  The group was established in 2007 and is a pioneer in sustainable energy and waste management solutions. Their journey began with a simple yet profound goal: to change the way the world generates energy and manages waste. Today, Kwamoka Group stands as a diversified conglomerate, leading a cluster of companies dedicated to turning this goal into reality. Kwamoka Group places utmost importance on the protection of the environment and its people. As a result the organization has put in place a system of operation that conforms to environmental and technical standards, which evaluates and adapts our processes and procedures to reduce emission and waste, conserve energy and natural resources, and reduce the potential of adverse environmental impacts. Learn more here.