Water for Adaptation and Period Poverty in Ghana (020)

Water for Adaptation and Period Poverty in Ghana


Strengthening Youth Climate Leadership in Water for Adaptation and Period Poverty in Ghana

Climate change has impacted communities in Northern Ghana affecting agricultural production and income generation due to extreme climatic conditions causing drought and flooding which leads to crop failure. Crop failure has led to financial hardship for women and their households, decreasing their ability to address their health needs, including accessing menstrual products. Water scarcity means women and girls must walk further to access water, including for personal hygiene.

Goal: As part of its work, Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) promotes the leadership of girls and out-of-school/other community youth to find gender and youth-responsive climate solutions in rural northern Ghana. The deployment of the Technical Expert will contribute to holistically supporting young girls and youth in northern Ghana to adapt to climate change through gender-responsive climate leadership development which aims to strengthen their capacity to explore and lead the implementation of climate solutions (e.g., through ecopreneurship and Nature-Based Solutions [NBS]).

The Technical Assistance objectives:

The deployment will contribute to holistically supporting communities in Northern Ghana to adapt to climate change in line with the country’s NDC adaptation priorities which include a focus on enhancing youth and women’s climate resilience and livelihood opportunities.

  • Girls/youth in northern Ghana have strengthened leadership in climate action.
  • Communities have a greater awareness of climate-related impacts on girls/youth.
  • GAYO has strengthened its capacity to strengthen girls’/youth climate leadership in Ghana.
  • The deployment will increase the meaningful participation of girls/women and out-of-school and community youth in climate change leadership, dialogue, and action at the community level.

Technical Experts